Ómar Einarsson Trio

Tríó Ómars Einarssonar | Sumarjazz í Salnum | KópavogsbærGuitarist Ómar Einarsson and bassist Jón Rafnsson have worked together for almost 30 years. They often perform as a duo, but for the past few years, drummer Erik Qvick has been playing with them, which gives the music a pleasant texture and more possibilities for material selection. The music program is characterized by their quality arrangements of well-known jazz songs as well as original songs.

Ómar Einarsson – guitar
Jón Rafnsson – bass
Erik Qvick – drums

Ómar Einarsson – 8220716 – nv@centrum.is
Jón Rafnsson – 8633177 – jon@jrmusic.is