Guitar Islancio

Guitar Islancio was formed in 1998 and has since then performed across the globe, headlining concerts both in Iceland as well as in Scandinavia, mainland Europe, North-America and Asia.

The trio has released five albums, which contain jazzed-up versions of Icelandic folk songs as well as music from Scandinavia, The Faroe Islands and Greenland. All five albums have been critically acclaimed and have received bestseller status in Iceland.

The trio released the CD (2017) and LP (2022) „Þjóðlög – Folksongs“ containing songs from the trio´s previous CDs and a previously unreleased version of „Á Sprengisandi – Riding over the Desert“ by Sigvaldi Kaldalóns and the book „Icelandic Folksongs, Arranged by Guitar Islancio“ saw the publication in 2019. It provides sheet music for 22 folksongs along with various lore about the songs. All the text in the book is in Icelandic, English and German.

Guitar Islancio has performed alongside a wide variety of renowned international musicians, including France’s violonist Didier Lockwood and guitarist Sylvain Luc;  Denmark’s clarinettist Jørgen Svare and violinist Kristian Jørgensen; Swedish guitarist Ulf Wakenius; Belgian guitarist Philip Catherine; American guitarist Larry Coryell and Canadian trumpet player Richard Gillis – who is also featured on the album “Icelandic Folk” (released in Canada as “Connections”).

 In both 2000 and 2001, the city of Reykjavík awarded Guitar Islancio with the title of “Official Musical Group of the City”.

At concerts, the trio’s program is an entertaining mix of original material, Icelandic folk songs and well-known songs from various sources; jazz, pop, rock. The trio is famous for its powerful and lively performances and as such, it truly lives up to its name: the word Islancio is an Italian musical term and means with dash or with impetuousness. So playing “con islancio” means playing impetuiously. The sound of the word is also undeniably reminiscent of Iceland, and so the name is both musical and “Icelandic”.

Guitarist Thórður Árnason recently filled in for Gunnar Thórðarson, and will continue playing with the trio.

Folksongs – CD
Icelandic Folksongs – Book
Folksongs – vinyl

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