Guitar Islancio and Unnur Birna

Björn Thoroddsen – guitar
Þórður Árnason – guitar
Jón Rafnsson – bass
Unnur Birna Björnsdóttir – violin and vocal

Guitar Islancio and Unnur Birna at the Reykjavik Jazz Festival 2022 on August 17.

Guitar Islancio dedicates this concert to the memory of French violinist Didier Lockwood who passed away in 2018, only 62 years of age. In 2001 Didier joined the trio in a memorable concert held by Reykjavik Jazz Festival and the plan was that he would return, when the time was right, to join the trio again for a concert as well as a recording session. But unfortunately, that was never to happen.

The program this time consists of songs that Didier played at the 2001 concert as well as new material that Guitar Islancio has been working on lately. And, of course, the Icelandic folk songs will not be left out, having been on the trio’s repertoire since it’s very beginning. The brilliant violinist Unnur Birna will join the trio for this occasion which will, without doubt, be a cozy night with beautiful music in honour of this great master of the jazz violin.

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