DJÄSS is an jazz trio from Reykjavik, Iceland, featuring pianist Karl Olgeirsson, bassist Jón Rafnsson and drummer Kristinn Snær. The trio’s music combines Nordic jazz elements with more bluesy elements and some pop influences. Furthermore some aspects of European classical music can be detected in their style of playing. As well as being jazz musicians the members have all done some session work in pop, folk and rock music. DJÄSS have named Brad Mehldau, Thelonius Monk, Keith Jarrett, Erik Satie, EST/Esbjörn Svenson trio, Jan Johansson trio and Claude Debussy as influences.

The trio was formed in 2010 as Hot Eskimos and released its first album, Songs From the Top of the World, in 2011. The songs on the album were internationally known Icelandic pop songs as well as more local hits played as jazz standards. The album is considered a best seller in its field, with over 2000 units sold in Iceland. Their follow up album, We Ride Polar Bears was released in 2013. As well as containing some Icelandic pop tunes the trio added songs by international artists such as Paul McCartney (Jenny Wren).

In 2020 the trio changed it’s name to DJÄSS to reflect on their origin and style of playing, and recorded their third album, a self-titled effort with all original material. The first single, Crête de fumée, took off on Spotify and has some 60.000 playings to date. The album has already gathered positive reviews.

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