Björn Thoroddsen Guitarfest 2009 (CD)

guitarfest - fronturBjörn Thoroddsen Guitarfest 2009 (JRCD006)

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Björn Thoroddsen’s fourth Guitarfest was held in November 2009 and was a huge success. At the concert, Björn invited several of Iceland’s top guitarists to perform some of their favourite songs. The artists on stage spanned the age range from 22-79, played all possible styles of music, and it safe to say that the festival presented a great overview of Icelandic guitar-playing for the last 50 years. The Guitarfest turned into three sold-out events, and at the first concert, guitarist Ólafur Gaukur Þórhallsson was awarded the Golden Guitar Pick for his contribution to guitar playing and teaching in Iceland.

1.   Albatros (performed by: Tryggvi Hubner)
2.   Guitar Worm (performed by: Björn Thoroddsen)
3.   Atlantis/ Apache (performed by: Þórður Árnason)
4.   Hocus Pocus (performed by: Sigurgeir Sigmundsson)
5.   Fascinating Rhythm (performed by: Jón Páll Bjarnason)
6.   You Really Got Me  (performed by: Gunnar Ringsted)
7.   Vegir liggja til allra átta (performed by: Ólafur Gaukur)
8.   Funk  (flytjandi : Þorsteinn Magnússon)
9.   Sabre Dance (performed by: Vilhjálmur Guðjónsson)
10. Genf  (performed by: Hjörtur Stephensen og Guitar Islancio)
11. El blues  (performed by: Eðvarð Lárusson)
12. Sudden Samba (performed by: Sævar Árnason)
13. Lenny  (performed by: Halldór Bragason)
14. Blues  for K  (solos by: Ólafur, Halldór, Gunnar, Jón Páll, Þórður, Vilhjálmur,                Þorsteinn, Tryggvi, Eðvarð, Sævar,  Hjörtur, Sigurgeir, Björn)