DJÄSS (Hot Eskimos) – DJÄSS

(JRLP023) CD

Karl Olgeirsson – piano, rhodes, vibraphone
Jón Rafnsson – bass
Kristinn Snær Agnarsson – drums


01. Breaking Stride
02. Spökt
03. SkyPo
04. Náttfiðrildi
05. Kurt’s Café
06. Crête de fumée
07. 29
08. Síðasta siglingin

All songs composed by Karl Olgeirsson except “29”
composed by Karl Olgeirsson and Jón Rafnsson

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Smekkleysa, Hverfisgata 32 – webstore
12 tónar, Skólavörðustígur 15 – webstore
Lucky Records, Rauðarárstígur 10 – webstore
Reykjavík Record shop, Klapparstíg 35 (just vinyl)
Plötubúðin – Trönuhraun 6 – CD webstore / LP webstore
Hljómsýn, Ármúli 38 (just vinyl)

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Stacja Islandia – Poland
… translate Polish to English:
The album “DJÄSS” features eight original compositions written by the band. The newest release by the Icelandic band is touching the hearts with its varied and multi-threaded version of modern jazz extended to free jazz and improvisations. All the inspirations and influences contained on this album interact appropriately with each other, creating a compact dose of engaging jazz. From the very beginning, the trio introduces the listener into a trance that deepens with the duration of the album. The music delights with its intricate performance, but at the same time with a large space. There are no random melodies, missed sounds or parts here. It is nice and with an idea. Once we are enchanted by moody and melancholic themes, and at other times our imagination is fueled by fanciful motifs that breathe fully and lead us along winding paths of sounds. However, the narrative is dominant here, which is reflective in nature, sparkling with many interesting colors. I am sure that this music contains a lot of emotions and stories, which were additionally provided with valuable and ambitious melodies with a perceptible hint of sentimentality floating in the air. The potential of these compositions lies primarily in the above-mentioned elements, as well as in precisely balanced compositions, prepared in such a way as to arouse in the listener the need to concentrate on its harmonically refined forms and to follow the sounds flowing through them. Hence, after the end of a song or an album, many characteristic phrases, themes and melodies remain in the mind of the listener for a long time, which make you want to return to this album again. For this reason, each of the instrumentalists deserves sincere words of appreciation. They should also be praised for their extraordinary lightness in leading phrases, unusual harmonic freedom and impeccable timing. Excellent effect! The gentlemen paint their soundscapes so evocative that you would like to enter them. “DJÄSS” is a completely sensational album that is listened to with fascination. The combination of technology with imagination and sensitivity defines it probably best. The whole thing sounds incredibly coherent. I definitely do not regret the time devoted to him. I recommend.