Kristjana Arngrímsdóttir - Ég hitti þig

Kristjana Arngrímsdóttir has just released her fifth album, “Ég hitti þig”, including her own compositions with lyrics written by 6 Icelandic poets.

Released on CD and vinyl/LP and published by JR Music  ehf.
Now available in Icelandic music stores and web-stores.

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Myndlýsing ekki til staðar.

Guitar Islancio played a concert at Kaldalón/Harpa Concert Hall last February 16 on the
occasion of the trio´s 25 years of collaboration.
Special guests; Jonas Knutsson from Sweden and Unnur Birna (vocal and violin) and Fúsi Óttars (drums) from Iceland



DJÄSS played at the  JAZZ BALTICA festival in Germany on June 25 last year.

You can watch the whole concert here





JR Music has released a vinyl record
with 12 songs from Guitar Islancio´s previous CD´s

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DJÄSS (Hot Eskimos) – DJÄSS


A new DJÄSS CD and Vinyl containing 8 new original songs

available at Music Stores 






New name!
Hot Eskimos has changed the trio´s name to DJÄSS –

The CD “Songs from the top of the world” is now also available as a Vinyl record




JR Music has released the book
“Icelandic Folk Songs, arranged by Guitar Islancio”. The book has sheet music for 22 Icelandic folksongs with chord diagrams for the guitar and piano. The poetry text under the melody indicates which part of the song is the original folksong and which part is Guitar Islancio’s addition. The users are therefore not restricted to the trio’s arrangement, which provides a source of ideas about the arrangement of the music. Also, this is not just a book of sheet music . You will also find a lot of lore about the songs in the book. It virtually covers everything known about the songs and their likely origin. In addition, all the poems are full-length. The book, therefore, gives you copious information as well as value as a keepsake  …. more




14 folk songs from Guitar Islancio’s previous albums and a previously unreleased recording of “Á Sprengisandi – Riding over the Desert” by Sigvaldi Kaldalóns. …. read more

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